Business Training Program

for the application of sustainable Precision Agriculture (PA) methodologies


among HE, VET, RTD, Farmers and Students with real business incubators/accelerators and Agriculture 4.0 experts


to World Trade and Digital Information through EU Digital Hubs for the digital transformation of the primary sector

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BOOST aims to boost agribusiness acceleration and digital hub networking by providing a sophisticated training program for the application of sustainable Precision Agriculture (PA) methodologies on management, agripreneurship, marketing, networking, and digital transformation delivered through an innovative educational and networking platform.

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EU Countries
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Coordinator: Prof. Anastasios MICHAILIDIS

Project manager: Aikaterini PALTAKI 

Project officer: Paolo ZANCANELLA



• Setting up a need-driven Vocational Education and Training program to provide Precision Agriculture entrants with the required technological, digital, managerial, and environmental skills.
• Offering an innovative approach to Precision Agriculture teaching.
• Paving the way towards sustainable agriculture, and climate change/ environmental protection approaches.
• Being the bridging point between the knowledge provided by agricultural Higher Education and the skills.
• Getting the BOOST Platform to act as an online network where accredited experts in agri-food, academic-experts, companies, startupers, students, etc.,
• Building local PA networks to stimulate inclusiveness and resilience of new PA adopters.

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Boost Newsletter #23 – General Assembly Event in Bulgaria

On May 20th, 2024, DEKAPLUS hosted a dynamic national dissemination event in Cyprus, engaging 11 key representatives from the education, entrepreneurship, and student communities. The seminar aimed to raise awareness about the innovative BOOST Training Materials and Education Platform-Course. Attendees

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The project consortium is composed of Universities, Vocational Education and Training providers, Companies providing advanced business training programmes to companies/farms, Companies providing Digital transformation services to companies/farms, Public organisations providing advanced research and consulting services to companies/farms, and Organisations providing advanced PA technologies services.