Boost 2nd Project Meeting: Educational Modules Planning Meeting

The 2nd  in-person meeting of the BOOST project, organized by BIOAZUL, took place in Malaga, Spain on June 6th  and 7th 2023.

The meeting was initiated by the project’s coordinator, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and the welcome speech of BIOAZUL leading team, followed by a short presentation of the representatives of the BOOST partners.

During the meeting, discussions were made regarding the project’s administrative and scientific coordination and attendees were encouraged to visit the BOOST project website and follow its social media accounts, having an active role on the Dissemination activities of the BOOST project. All partners had the chance to present their activities so far and to discuss further actions on the project.

The 2nd  in-person meeting in Malaga provided an excellent platform for partners to share their expertise, align their efforts, and lay the groundwork for successful project implementation. The atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and dedication as participants expressed their commitment to driving positive change in the agribusiness sector.

All partners were thrilled to be part of this project and are looking forward to contributing to BOOSTing agribusiness acceleration and digital hub networking, as well as organizing and participating in the upcoming National Dissemination Events! Special thanks to the 20+ participants who traveled to Malaga to present their work and provide support during the 2nd  in-person project meeting. Their participation and engagement embody the collaborative essence of the BOOST project, which aims to establish a sustainable and innovative agribusiness ecosystem.