The Deliverables


The project is designed and managed in such a way to guarantee the achievement of the aims and objectives through planned WPs, tasks and milestones, as well as to ensure the quality and excellence of processes and their evaluation and finally to disseminate the prototype Precision Agriculture training model.

The framework of the project consists of the following WPs:

  • WP1 (Preparation): Aims to the creation of a consistent educational and needs background for the training activities (WP2, WP3, WP4)
  • WP2 (Implementation): The partnership will use the knowledge of WP1 to develop the educational materials (WP2) and elaborate pilot courses for WP3 and WP4
  • WP3 and WP4 (Implementation): Aims to the planning and implementation of pilot on-line and on-site courses to develop best practices for PA adoption by farmers
  • WP5 (Monitoring, Evaluation & Dissemination): Aims to the management of the overall project’s activities, the organisation and participation in virtual and in-person meetings, the monitoring of deadlines, the production of reports and the support of all WPs.
  • WP6 (Monitoring, Evaluation & Dissemination): Aims to the assurance and the evaluation of the quality of the project.
  • WP8 (Monitoring, Evaluation & Dissemination): Aims to the dissemination, communication and exploitation of the results of the project.

This page will be continuously updated with all the final deliverables of each project’s Work Package.

Detailed List of Deliverables:

* Note that for all sensitive deliverables, only the executive summary is uploaded, not the deliverable as a whole.