Communication Activity, Florina, Greece


The project coordinator AUTH, presented the BOOST Project in a conference regarding Project AGROTOUR “New technologies and innovative approaches in relation to Agri-Food and Tourism for the enhancement of regional excellence in Western Macedonia”, which took place in Florina, Greece 29/05/2023. During the conference, there was an overview of the BOOST project, the consortium, the main aim and the goals.

All the participants showed great interest in the project and asked about the progress. Some initial results from Deliverable 1.5 “Training needs assessment report”, the most important deliverable of Work Package 1, were presented.

The specific deliverable describes the process of training needs identification and assessment for three target groups (students, farmers, and precision agriculture experts) involved in precision agriculture ecosystems in six countries: Greece, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Cyprus.

Then, it offers a translation of these needs into training topics and integrates these topics into training curricula. Hence, this deliverable will facilitate the progress of the BOOST project, and especially the development of the curricula.  

At the end of the presentation, there was a discussion among all the participants about the benefits of Precision Agriculture. Many of them shared their experience with the implementation of Precision Agriculture practices.